FastAuctionAccess.com provides services to ALL 50 STATES with the EXCEPTION of Texas and California! We cannot provide membership to residents of Texas or California, and you will not be able to buy or sell cars in those states.
FastAuctionAccess.com provides very affordable options starting at just $329 / month and $225 / vehicle you sell! You can check out our plans by Clicking Here!
We add you to the licensed online vehicle dealer's AuctionAccess account within 15 minutes of you completing your 100% online payment, contracting, and verification process.
You can buy and sell UNLIMITED cars while you're a member of FastAuctionAccess.com! Unlike other providers, we do not limit the number of vehicles you can buy or sell.
Yup! All we do is connect you with a licensed online vehicle dealer that can contract with ANYONE ANYWHERE to buy and sell cars on their behalf. Our 100% online inventory and deal management system means everything happens online, from the dealership's location.
FastAuctionAccess.com is a service of Svc Ad Co, who is based in the small town of Versailles, KY, home of the Kentucky Castle!

Our licensed online vehicle dealers are based strategically throughout the United States.

Our management, sales, marketing, and legal teams are based in Atlanta, GA (seconds from the world's busiest airport), with our Title Operations Team being based in Memphis, TN (minutes from FedEx's Superhub to ensure overnight title processing!).

Our SuperHero Agent Support Team is based throughout the world, primarily in the Philippines, an English-speaking country offering affordable wages to keep our prices as low as possible while providing 24/7/365 support!
Our licensed online vehicle dealers provide 1 dealer tag per vehicle purchased to be used for transporting the vehicle to and from the auction, repair, reconditioning and other pre-sale locations.

They also provide 1 60-day temporary tag for your buyer to use after their purchase!

All dealer tag costs are included in the Per Vehicle Processing fee.
FastAuctionAccess.com does offer financing to long-term, established members! Through a partnership with a private lender, we offer both floorplan-style, and indirect-style financing for both you and your end buyers.

You must be a member in good standig for 6+ months before financing is offered.
You do not need a bond! Our licensed online vehicle dealer's bond covers anyone working for them, which includes you!

While our licensed online vehicle dealer's do have the required liability insurance to operate vehicles owned by them with their tags, it is recommended that you purchase a Non-Owner's Liability Insurance policy if you do not have auto insurance. The vehicles themselves are not covered under any insurance policy and remain your personal responsibility.
We do not check your criminal record at all! We also do not currently check your credit history before finalizing your membership, we do reserve the right to in the future. Financing of course is subject to credit approval.
We offer both yearly and monthly membership options with a 12-month commitment or a no-commitment option. The no-commitment option allows you to cancel at any time without penalty or fees, giving you flexibility and control over your membership.
Normally, we can release the vehicles to you within 6 hours of remitting cleared payment to us. You will normally be responsible for picking up the vehicle from the auction or seller. However, if needed, our Support Team can arrange transport for an additional cost.
We don't have any restrictions on the type of vehicles you can buy or sell with FastAuctionAccess.com! However, please note that salvage and rebuilt titles may incur an additional fee and may be subject to additional restrictions based on state laws and regulations. Contact our Support Team for more information and details on how to proceed with buying or selling these types of vehicles.
Unfortunately, at this time, FastAuctionAccess.com only provides its services to individuals located within the United States. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please feel free to contact our Support Team if you have any further questions.
Yes, with FastAuctionAccess.com you can bid on vehicles from auctions all over the United States. Our online inventory and deal management system allows you to easily search for and bid on vehicles from the comfort of your own computer or mobile device, no matter where you are located. Just keep in mind that you'll need to arrange for pickup or transport of the vehicle after purchase, which can be done through our Support Team for an additional cost.
FastAuctionAccess.com offers flexible payment options for membership fees, including credit card, bank ACH/wire transfers, PayPal, and Bitcoin. For vehicle purchases, free bank wire/same-day ACH transfers are the preferred payment method. Alternatively, Bitcoin can be used with a processing charge associated. Please note that other payment methods may be subject to additional processing fees.
For vehicles sold for cash, you'll directly collect payment from the buyer. For vehicles sold via other means, such as a cashiers check or wire transfer, payment will be issued within 48 hours. If the buyer is using our financing partners, payment may take up to 7 days.
If you need to cancel a sale after the vehicle has already been sold, there will be a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee is $35 for cash sales and $179 for sales made through other means, such as a cashiers check or wire transfer. If the vehicle was financed through one of our finance partners, the cancellation fee is $495 plus any lender fees. Please note that this fee only applies if the vehicle has already been sold.
Have more questions or need some help? Call or text me, Logan, directly at 551-230-8826! I'll happily assist you, 24/7/365!